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Our Facility

We purchased this building on September 20, 2017. The building did not have the best “curb appeal”; however, we are fortunate to have the best building contractor, Allen Sande, on our team.  Allen can see potential where others cannot. For months, Allen kept saying how awesome this building would be, and we struggled to see his vision. Luckily, we have all seen his work.  We trusted that if he was this excited about a piece of metal, we would be able to create our dream facility.  We began work the day after the purchase, and we have been working non-stop ever since.

The completed facility will include an office featuring a television with Netflix and cable to entertain your kids while you do your WOD,  For your comfort, there will be two air-conditioned bathrooms with showers stocked with hygiene products.  Our box has top-of-the-line CrossFit and weightlifting equipment, as well as a variety of weights. We are committed to bringing you the ultimate CrossFit experience to ensure your success. Check out our progress in the photo gallery below.