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The Team

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Amanda Braswell

Owner, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Having lived in DeLand all of her life, Amanda understands our tight-knit community.  She has been a proud member of the DeLand Breakfast Rotary Club since 2010 and has served on the Board of Directors for the past four years.  With her family background and service in Rotary, Amanda learned the importance of being present in your business and building strong customer relationships.  Her athletic background began at the age of three when her parents enrolled her in her first dance class.  Amanda immediately fell in love with dance!  She continued dancing throughout high school competing professionally in multiple competitions, performing in off-Broadway productions, and in local charity events.  Through dance, Amanda learned the importance of discipline and patience.  The highlight of her dance career came when her dance team won a national championship in the kick-line division.  After graduating from high school, Amanda entered the workforce as a licensed insurance agent, but she knew this was not her passion and continued to search for what she wanted most in life.  While working at the insurance agency, Amanda was introduced to CrossFit.  The intensity, versatility, and scalability of CrossFit are what made her fall in love with the sport.  Amanda is thrilled to share her knowledge with everyone.  She will show you that you do not have to be the perfect athlete, but instead you just need to be the best you!  There are many different options to scale CrossFit movements, and Amanda is excited to show you that CrossFit can be for everyone.  She and the other coaches at CrossFit DeLand are committed to providing the best service and atmosphere for their clients, and they look forward to helping everyone obtain their goals.

Mike Yonker

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Mike, more commonly known as “Yonker”, moved to DeLand in 2012 to attend college at Stetson University and play football as part of Stetson’s inaugural team. Yonker played as fullback and became a captain of the team. After graduating college, it was a difficult adjustment to not playing sports after playing his whole life and being a part of Stetson’s football team for five years. Yonker first came to CrossFit DeLand in 2018 and knew this was his new home. He loved the challenge of the workouts, the camaraderie throughout the gym, along with the competition among his friends. CrossFit DeLand gave him what he missed most after graduating college and ending his football career. Outside of working out and coaching at CFD, Yonker is a fourth-grade teacher and is has recently earned his master’s degree in educational leadership at Stetson University.  Yonker enjoys spending time with his family, his beautiful wife, friends, and his dogs, Busch, Miller, and Stella . He is excited to meet new faces at the gym and looks forward to the opportunity to help people better themselves through CrossFit everyday!

Brittany Sande

Owner, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Brittany has lived in this city her entire life and couldn’t be happier to open this great box to share with her community. Following in her sister Amanda Braswell’s footsteps, Brittany’s fitness journey started at 3 years old in her first dance class.

She learned many things throughout her dance career, but the most important lesson was discipline. She danced for 15 years, and during that time she did a lot of competitive dancing at the national level along with local events. Brittany’s performances included the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as well as many local parades. Additionally, she was the captain of her high school dance team. After high school graduation, Brittany enrolled in the University of South Florida to study her passion, psychology earning her Bachelor’s degree in 2014. Currently, Brittany works directly with the military as the Customer Service Purchasing Agent at Complete Parachute Solutions. This has given her a chance to connect with many currently enlisted personnel, as well as veterans. CrossFit is prevalent in the military world and has given soldiers on deployment an escape from their stresses for a short while. At first, Brittany was intimidated by CrossFit, so she started with a boot camp style class. She quickly fell in love and wanted way more! Today, she has never felt stronger and loves to watch others accomplish things they never thought they could. Helping others both mentally and physically is why Brittany has grown to love this sport so much. It’s her hope that this box is a place that you can come to escape reality and the hustle and bustle of life. The team wants you to be able to come in and relieve your stresses all while accomplishing things you never imagined you could. They are confident you will meet some awesome new people who are here to accomplish the same goals. You will see Brittany around the box quite often, so please do not hesitate to ask her anything. Brittany and the rest of the team are here for you and to make sure that all of your goals are achieved.

Sabrena Meyers

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer – Administrative Assistant

Sabrena has been doing CrossFit since 2019 after her significant other started at CFD and loved it. She fell in love almost immediately and has made
Daily functional fitness a priority for the whole family ever since.
The profound significance CrossFit DeLand has had on her life inspired Sabrena to explore ways she can get more involved with the gym and thus got her L1 in February of  2021 and never looked back. The passion for CrossFit and the community only grew. The benefits Sabrena has received from being a part of this community mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially are truly immeasurable.

Zachary Miles

QuickFit Coach, Personal Trainer

Zachary is a Florida-born native and joined CrossFit DeLand from the moment we opened our doors back in 2018 (?). Never having done CrossFit before, Zachary joined our QuickFit class and was a regular morning member until October 2021 when he enrolled in our Foundations program. At the same time, he was invited to become one of CFD’s QuickFit coaches. As a coach and member, his best piece of advice to anyone looking to explore the world of CrossFit is to show up! “Half the battle is showing up. It’s not always easy and it’s not always fun, but by just showing up you’re already halfway to a better you.” You can find Zachary in the box Monday through Friday along with the 5am “morning crew” and coaching our 6am QuickFit class directly after.
Outside of the gym, Zachary enjoys spending his free time with his husband and fellow CFD member Ryan. You can also find him tending to his chickens and manning their social media pages (found under @CluckNorrisManor) where they are known for their punny celebrity names and annual calendar called “Bawkward.”

Doug Wheeler

QuickFit Coach, Personal Trainer

Doug currently lives in Orange City, but is originally from New York.

Doug joined CrossFit DeLand in October of 2019 and has been honing his skills since 2014. Doug coaches evening Quick Fit and you’ll also find him at the box on Saturday mornings. Outside of CrossFit, Doug enjoys travelling, cooking and visiting all of Florida’s local breweries.

Delanie Turner

QuickFit Coach, CrossFit Kids

Hi, my name is Delanie Turner, I am 20 years old and I am new to the CFD coaching staff. I
joined CrossFit DeLand when they first opened 4 years ago and started taking QuickFit with my
mom. I loved the community, the CFD family, and working out with my mom. Eventually I
moved up to CrossFit and got asked to do competitions, that really helped boost my confidence
because it meant my coaches really believed in me and that’s what I would like to give back to
someone as a coach. They first asked me to do open gym for them and I loved that and then it
grew from that by me now coaching CrossFit Kids and QuickFit. I love working with kids and am
going to school to be a teacher, so it is a perfect fit and I have so much fun coaching. I have
always been active and led a healthy lifestyle. I have danced competitively for 16 years and
working out helps me stay active and reminds me of my dance days. Working out helps my
mentality, it gets me in the right head space and helps me blow off some steam. If I am ever
having a bad day I can always go to the gym and count on my CrossFit family to make it better.
In my journey of CrossFit, I have learned a lot about myself and that I am stronger than I
believed. I have learned to push myself and to grow. I look forward to seeing that in my athletes
as a coach. I love going to work with this community every day and I hope to work to the goal
of being a CrossFit coach one day.

Karla Nieves

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Massage Therapist, LMT MA#64771

Karla is a mother of 3 amazing boys and massage therapists for over 11yrs. She came into the CrossFit world by working on athletes. At one point of her massage career 75% of my clients where CrossFitters. She never actually wanted to do CrossFit just work on them. She was like, “I don’t want to get hurt! Who will fix me or fix them?” It wasn’t until she was at our 1 year CrossFit DeLand Anniversary party where a woman that was in her 50s maybe 60s got up and spoke how awesome she felt and loved it. She didn’t try to keep up with everyone else, it was for her. She modified, she did what her body could do. At that moment she said, “Ok! I’m in!” She started going to classes then fell in love like most people do. Karla started coaching QuickFit, and had already worked as a personal trainer doing tons of body work. She decided to get my Level 1 to coach CrossFit. She absolutely loves helping others reach their goals and love the support from everyone while she reaches. She loves the community we have. All are welcome.

Heather Gierke

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Heather is originally from Winter Park but took a big leap of faith when she and her family moved to the amazing small town of DeLand in 2016. She loves this town she now calls her own. Heather teaches English and Literature as an adjunct instructor at Daytona State College. She is a LEO wife and a mother to three beautiful little girls. She loves beach days with her family and friends, playing front-yard sports with her girls, and she can never turn down an invite to brunch. She can also be spotted running the streets of DeLand as long-distance running is one of her favorite pastimes.

In the brutal heat of July 2011, Heather picked up a barbell for the first time and completed a WOD that inspired a lifetime of love for the sport of CrossFit. A decade of CrossFit later, her love for teaching and helping others naturally lead her to become a coach at the best box in Volusia County, CrossFit DeLand.